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Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

Date: 18 May 2009

For whom?

Type 1 diabetics - strongly advised
Type 2 diabetics - desirable
Diabetes in pregnancy - must

Why is home blood glucose monitoring useful?

  • Helps you to know how well you are managing your diabetes - is your blood glucose too high or too low? You can then make the necessary adjustments to your diet, insulin requirements or exercise.
  • You can also test your blood glucose if you are changing your diet, medication or exercise plans.

When should you monitor your blood glucose?

  • 1 or 2 days a week - more often during illness and intensified physical activity.
  • To test for high blood glucose levels - test before breakfast, mid-morning and 2 hours before a main meal.
  • To test for low blood glucose levels - before main meals and before going to sleep

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