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High Blood Pressure & Kidney Disease

Date: 18 May 2009

High Blood Pressure

  • Due to hardening and narrowing of the arteries, the heart has to pump harder and this builds up pressure against the artery walls.
  • Usually symptomless. Watch out for :
    • Frequent headaches, especially at the back of the head
    • Blurring of vision
    • Shortness of breath on exertion
  • Eat a low-fat and high-fibre diet
  • Exercise regularly to strengthen the heart muscles and improve blood circulation
  • Quit smoking because narrows and hardens the arteries
  • Reduce weight

Kidney Disease

  • High levels of glucose in the blood due to poor blood glucose control will lead to overworked kidneys.
  • Watch out for :
    • Increasing amounts of protein the urine (microalbuminuria)
    • Water building up in the ankles, abdomen and chest
    • Foul taste in the mouth
    • Vomiting
    • Tiredness during the day
  • The best way to prevent kidney disease is by good control of blood glucose
  • Once there are signs of kidney disease, you can prevent further damage by good blood pressure control, eating less salt, eating less protein and regular check-up

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